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NIRAD SD-WAN is a cost effective SD-WAN solution that is designed for SME and small branch offices. NIRAD SD-WAN solution can combine Broadband, 4G and 5G (Coming 2023) cellular services. It provides flexible connectivity options that include wired broadband & cellular connectivity and provide benefits including rapid provisioning, improved performance and more reliability with less money.

Cloud SD-WAN

Deploy NIRAD SD-WAN with Internet (SIM and /or Broadband) links. Aggregate multiple internet links into a pool of resources to optimize connectivity and reliability across the branch networks. Deploy SD-WAN Gateway on Cloud Providers such as AWS and Azure to securely access the enterprise applications

Hybrid SD-WAN

Deploy NIRAD SD-WAN across a branch network with existing Broadband, MPLS-SIM and ILL links. Aggregate WAN links into a virtual unified pool of resources to optimize existing links and bandwidth. Improve reliability, enhance user experience, securely access cloud resources, and centrally manage assets security across the network.


Deploy NIRAD SD-WAN across the branch network with existing WAN links. Host the NIRAD SD-WAN Orchestrator & Gateway on-premises for comprehensive control and compliance. Securely access SaaS applications, IaaS providers, and the enterprise data centre from the branch by connecting to the on-premises NIRAD SD-WAN Edge Hub.

Aggregate your Available WAN Connection

Businesses can take advantage of all available wan connections for mission-critical applications. Redundancy is the first priority and should be used to increase the reliability of the branch offices. Nirad offers automatic failover and load-balancing meaning wan links aren’t sitting idle waiting for a failure to happen. Nirad load balancing solution integrates seamlessly within the existing network.

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NIRAD SD-WAN solution take each session and break it into individual packets. Then the packets are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and distributed to different WAN connections depending on the policy. The encrypted packets will then travel securely through the Internet until they reach the WAN links of the other NIRAD SD-WAN endpoint. There, the packets are decrypted and reassembled into a complete session.

NIRAD SD-WAN Features and Benefits

Any Network
Flexibility to leverage any available Internet access type (4G, 5G, BB & ILL) regardless of service provider.
4G LTE Connectivity & Continuity
4G LTE as primary, secondary and redundant options to reduce or eliminate the need for wireline connectivity.
Quality Performance
We provide QoS over any WAN connection
Next generation Scalable SD-WAN Solution
Scalable as per your needs - last mile andservice provider agnostic solution
Cloud VPN - Tunnel Protocols
Advanced end-to end communication via IPSec VPN connectivity.
WAN Optimization
Forward Error Correction (FEC) improves circuit performance, reducing jitter and packet loss.
Enterprise Data Security
  • Encryption - AES128 AES256,SHA256
  • Authentication - SHA 384, SHA 512 Mode -CBC, Counter, GCM
Reduce Hardware and Internet Costs
Optimizes network performance and uptime with up to 60% less price
Centralized control and orchestration
  • Automation for configurations and monitoring
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
Analytics and reports
  • Granular level visibility
  • Real time application and rule utilization reports
Performance based routing
First packet path selection for better performance
WAN Failover
Automatic link fail over to improve uptime.
Any Connection
Effortlessly supports & optimizes the connection you choose - broadband, leased lines, 5G/ LTE, LTE-MPLS etc..
Multi Tenancy
It provides flexibility and allows each customer own and manage their Organization & Groups as needed.
Traffic Control
Policy based QoS, Bandwidth control, traffic rate limiting

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