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Transportation technology has developed rapidly over past decade; bus companies look for reliable Smart Bus solutions such as free WiFi Hotspots, automatic payment systems, CCTV cameras, digital signage screens, real-time vehicle management through a single pane of glass, etc. From an integration and operation perspective, there is a challenge to select reliable, cost-effective and easy to use connectivity products.


N100-V is a single device that is able to address most onboard connectivity challenges with ease.

Passenger Wi-Fi - Install NIRAD N100-V routers in a vehicle and offer free Wi-Fi to your passengers with a custom sign-in page and advertising options.

Increase safety- In order to increase safety on journeys, external CCTV cameras and panic buttons can be connected to the NIRAD N100-V bus Wi-Fi router.

Support extreme temperature and shocks - These routers are designed to withstand extremely high or low temperatures and shocks encountered in the vehicle. They comply with the industry standard.

External Antenna - The NIRAD N100-V router connects to an external antenna, which can optimize network coverage in the vehicle.



  • • Security cameras - Connect CCTV IP security cameras due to a robust and reliable Ethernet port
  • • Secure hotspot - Provide a secure passenger hotspot with an advertising and landing page for convenient browsing.
  • • Connect Digital Signage - Connect Digital Signage screens across the vehicle for informational and advertising services.
  • • Ethernet connectivity - Give connectivity to existing or new ticketing monitor systems via Ethernet to ensure card payments or collection, upload ticketing statistics to the centralized payment system.

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