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In the financial industry, network downtime is unacceptable and can lead to financial disasters. This industry needs 99.99% uptime network connectivity. ATMs are being deployed in new and remote areas, not all the locations have reliable wired Internet options. VSAT communication is still very expensive. But it’s not just connectivity risk, the extensive need for data security, ease of management, and network flexibility are challenges that need to be solved cost effectively for ATM connectivity.


Connect your ATM to the central system of the bank by using NIRAD industrial 4G LTE routers with a combination of wired and cellular connectivity with highly reliable, secure connections with VPN functionality.



  • Quick and easy to deploy – NIRAD N200-I can be configured in minutes
  • NIRAD Cloud Support - By using an N200-I Router with NIRAD cloud-managed solution, support team can access the router remotely for diagnosing and debugging problems.
  • Failover - Dual SIM Failover functionality which means that the router can work seamlessly with a single SIM or dual SIMs if primary connectivity is lost.
  • Email Alert System - Advanced email alert system can notify what’s happening to your devices. You can configure various events such as System Errors, Device Status offline/online and Firmware Upgrade.
  • Reliable and Secure - Secure VPN tunnels between devices and monitoring locations with dual-SIM redundancy.

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