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The exponential growth of electrical vehicles means the need for an increasing number of charging stations. EV Charging stations need to be connected to a centralized management system for efficiently executing user tracking and payment management. If providers want to monetize their charging stations, it is critical that the charging stations are always connected to the centralized billing and usage management system.


NIRAD 4G routers provides a stable and secure connection via 4G LTE to charging station platforms. With additional Wi-Fi hotspot functionality. Our N200-I dual SIM router combines the bandwidth of both the SIMs and increases the bandwidth. With encrypted VPN connectivity, the charging stations are securely connected to their management and payment platforms.



  • • Failover – Dual SIM Failover functionality which means that the router can continue to operate on any available internet link
  • • Wi-Fi Functionality - N200-I can securely connect multiple EV charging stations over Wi-Fi.
  • • Manage From the cloud - Monitor and manage the router remotely avoid the need for expensive engineer visits.
  • • Reliable and Secure - Secure VPN tunnels between devices and monitoring locations with dual-SIM redundancy.
  • • Built for RUGGED Environments- NNIRAD 4G solutions are built to operate in all kinds of weather conditions, from the very cold to the very hot.

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