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The digital signage market is expected to grow 18.2% over the next four years. Many digital signage solutions are managed from a cloud platform to dynamically change images and videos and enable live video streams. Content has to be pushed to the digital signage unit from their cloud platforms. Many digital signage installations are managed by third parties, hence it is necessary to connect them to their cloud platform which means that they need internet connectivity. In some cases, digital signage units can be connected over the existing wired or Wi-Fi infrastructure, but this often isn’t possible due to installation costs or restrictive IT policies.


Retailers, hoteliers and banking organizations have installed Digital Signage to help them to better connect to their customers and offer their latest promotions. Using NIRAD 4G LTE router they can connect digital signage media players (including Android, Windows and Linux players) to the Content Management Server and manage all these digital signage units from the cloud. With the NIRAD cloud management solution you can get visibility into their digital signage units, improve productivity, reliability, reduce costs, and improve the your network and business operations.



  • Connect on day one -no need to wait for local IT network.
  • Failover - Failover between wired WAN and cellular connection. Dual SIM failover functionality gives you much better link reliability and service continuity even when the primary link goes down.
  • Email alert system - Advanced email alert system can notify what’s happening to your devices. You can configure various events such as System Error, Device Status offline/online and Firmware Upgrade.
  • Manage From the cloud - Monitor and manage the router remotely and avoid the need for expensive engineer visits.
  • Improve Customer Experience- With NIRAD 4G LTE connectivity, digital signage can leverage live video and large file sizes, and can even offer an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot solution for visitors.

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