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Smart farming means capturing various types of farming data through sensors placed within the farms such as soil moisture, temperature, pH etc. To monitor and control these sensors from a centralized monitoring system needs a reliable and secure internet connectivity. However, farm facilities are usually located in remote areas where broadband Internet connectivity is not reliable or easily available. Cellular connectivity is a feasible option in such situations.


Satellite connectivity is still very expensive, however 4G LTE connectivity is cheaper, flexible and easily available. NIRAD 4G cellular solution can deliver the connectivity required to connect the entire farming fields, even in the most remote locations. Our N200-O dual SIM router combines the bandwidth of both the SIMS and increases the total bandwidth available. And if one SIM connectivity fails then it automatically switches over to the secondary SIM network.



  • NIRAD Cloud Support - By using an N200-O Router with NIRAD cloud-managed solution, support team can access the router remotely for diagnosing and debugging problems.
  • Failover - Dual SIM Failover functionality which means that the router can continue to operate on any available internet link
  • Email Alert System - Advanced email alert system can notify what’s happening to your devices. You can configure various events such as System Errors, Device Status offline/online and Firmware Upgrade.
  • Outdoor rugged design - The durable IP 66 waterproof case can withstand outdoor conditions, including wind, rain and snow.
  • Connect on day one – No need to wait for a wired alternative connection

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