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Smart Out-of-Band Management

NIRAD out-of-band management solution is a cost-effective and most reliable option for the enterprise because of its dual SIM 4G LTE connectivity with instant dual SIM failover functionality. That means your remote sites is always reachable even if the primary network is down. NIRAD OOBM provides administrators with full visibility to maximize uptime and reduce outages without having a professional engineer at a remote site

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NIRAD router is also compatible with NIRAD Centralized Cloud Management System which allows administrators to securely and easily monitor, access, and manage all NIRAD routers without impacting normal operations. Also, administrators can reach the console interface of the connected router directly from NIRAD (NCCMS) to configure, debugging and solve any network issues.

Benefits of NIRAD out of band management solution

Enterprise-class reliability

Network administrator can access the console interface of the connected router remotely and immediately resolve any network issues..

Reduce maintenance cost

Monitor and manage the router remotely avoid the need for expensive technical support engineer visits.


Dual SIM Failover functionality which means that the router can continue to operate on any available internet link.

NIRAD Centralized Cloud Management System

Manage and monitor your network from a single screen.

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