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Combine the Platform with NIRAD 4G Router to
Make Your IoT Solution Real.

NIRAD 4G LTE solution for IoT/M2M applications which is required low power consumption and industry-specific
data collecting applications.

Surveillances , Alarm systems , Automatic swing gate barriers , Automated Planning and dispatch , Automated industrial weighbridge.
Traffic Management , Intelligent Public Transportation System , Traffic information , Road tolling
Monitoring vital signs , Supporting the aged or handicapped , Web Access Telemedicine points , Remote diagnostics
Energy And Utilities
Power metering , Gas metering , Water metering , Heating metering , Grid control
Industrial Automation
Smart Cold Storage , Smart Check weigher & Packing Machines , Boiler Control System, CNC Control Systems, Smart Lighting
Surveillance , Alarm Systems , Automatic Swing gate barriers , Automated industrial weighbridge.

Always On Connectivity

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    Highly Scalable for IoT and M2M applications

    From small scale to large scale deployment, Connectivity is very important in loT. With a plug and play setup, you can connect your complex loT platforms, networks, and applications. Nirad makes your loT setup extremely easy.

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    Multiple Remote applications

    Today every manufacturer, machine builder wants to remotely access its machines and equipment without the need to involve operating personnel in the fields. This is done in order to drastically reduce maintenance costs and optimize machine uptime.
    The various variants of the NIRAD industrial routers offer support for many different interfaces and protocols. NIRAD 4G LTE router connects directly to your IoT gear and you can access, monitor the data and control the system via secure VPN connections. NIRAD 4G LTE routers is plug & play and easy-to-use which helps you remotely connect to multiple sites anytime from anywhere

    • • Diagnosis, configuration and programming via the Internet saves travel time and costs
    • • Manage multiple sites, equipment and users 24/7
    • • Deployable and maintainable by non-IT people
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    VPN and Advanced Security

    Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data with data encryption. NIRAD 4G LTE routers provide comprehensive security protection for IoT applications. Sensitive data transmission, including secure VPN transmission, firewalls against network attacks and multi-level authorization access control mechanisms. Nirad routers support IPsec VPN, L2TP, and GRE data transmission security.

    • SPI, ACL, DoS defense, Ping blocking, and other firewall protections AAA, Radius, local authentication for access security
    • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), SSH (Secure Shell), intrusion protection (Ping blocking), DoS defense, attack defense, IP-MAC binding, etc.
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    Highly-reliable and Uninterrupted Connection

    With a fast Ethernet, 3G/4G LTE, Broadband and multiple built-in redundancies, the NIRAD 4G LTE routers provide easy, uninterrupted Internet access for remote devices. It supports cellular-to-cellular failover and WAN link to 3G/4G failover, switches automatically from one carrier to the other available networks that occur in milliseconds. Also, it aggregates the bandwidth of multiple WAN links including SIMs to provide better bandwidth.

    • Multiple WAN protocols supported
    • Support 3G/4G
    • Multi-carrier SIM
    • Automatically Failover between SIM to SIM and WAN to SIM
    • Link Aggregation
  • Remote Device Management & Monitoring

    Network administration requires standardizing device configuration, regular maintenance, monitoring of device health, and urgent troubleshooting. With NIRAD Centralized Cloud Management System you can perform all these functions for your whole network, from any web browser. NIRAD Centralized Cloud Management System is an online cloud-based platform for connecting all NIRAD networking products. NIRAD monitors and manages NIRAD routers for a variety of applications, which saves time, cost and allows you to improve the health of your network and business operations.

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