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Always On Connectivity

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    Security, surveillance, and safety
    In today's world, it is very much important to have the necessary security measures in your vehicle. This includes monitoring the behavior of your drivers and passengers and recording the front and rear-view of the vehicle in real- time to capture everything happening inside and outside your vehicle. The NIRAD vehicle 4G LTE solution will allow you to wirelessly connect your cameras and safety equipment such as the panic button to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle & passengers.
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    Passenger Wi-Fi
    Passengers will experience a whole new way of travel with the NIRAD vehicle Wi-Fi solutions. Passengers can stay entertained with music, movies, news and e-shopping while traveling. Passengers can easily connect to the Wi-Fi Hotspot by using their Mobile, Laptop, and Tabs for all major operating systems. NIRAD on vehicle WiFi entertainment offers benefits for a wide range of users
  • Remote Device Management & Monitoring

    Network administration requires standardizing device configuration, monitoring of device health, and urgent troubleshooting. With NIRAD Centralized Cloud Management System you can perform all these functions for your whole vehicle router, from any web browser. NIRAD Centralized Cloud Management System is an online cloud-based platform for connecting all NIRAD networking products. NIRAD monitors and manages NIRAD routers for a variety of applications, which saves time, cost and allows you to improve the health of your network and business operations

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    Special Lightweight And Rugged Design for Vehicles
    These routers are designed to withstand typical shocks encountered in a vehicle, frequent changes in electric current and voltage, intense vibrations, extreme temperatures and other environmental pressure in the vehicle. The routers comply with the industry standards supporting the latest wireless technologies like LTE and Wi-Fi IEEE802.11ac


Benefits to using our 4G LTE Vehicle router.
  • Digital Signage – NIRAD 4G LTE vehicle router can easily connect type of vehicle digital signage, you can manage digital signage remotely so that vehicles don’t have to be return to the depot for updates.
  • Point of Sale or Ticketing Systems - Our 4G LTE vehicle router can easily connect the bus Point of Sale or Ticketing Systems, keeping your services Point of Sale or compliant and online wherever your fleet travels.
  • Vehicle Cameras - To improve the security of your team and passengers our 4G vehicle router can easily connect the bus Cameras to enable elective retrieval of footage in real-time.
  • Panic Button - To improve the security of your passengers our 4G vehicle router can easily connect the bus Panic button to enable an extra level of safety to your passengers.

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